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About Whatsapp Marketing and Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software

What is Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Bulk whatsapp marketing is the new and one of the best way to reach & engage more customers for your business. As per our survey, Conversion rate of bulk whatsapp marketing is much better than any other advertising formula and now it is free by using our software.

About Bulk Whatsapp Sender

Bulk whatsapp sender provides a best and user friendly software where you can do marketing and reach to your target audience at one time cost. We believe in Service & Support. In our software 1-year service and support is free. Also we give updates for 1 year totally free.

These days digital marketing performing a huge role in any type of business. when you run a business the main thing is how we do marketing for it, how we promote our business, how we generate leads for our business. to increase sells in any business we need digital marketing.

There are many type of digital marketing available in market such as bulk sms, voice calling, google ads, Facebook ads and whatsapp marketing. one of the most used and reasonable service is whatsapp marketing because whatsapp is free so we can send unlimited text, image, audio, video and any type of document to unlimited contacts.

Whatsapp Marketing Tools

For whatsapp marketing there are many software are available in market like: Whatsapp Bulk Sender, bulk whatsapp sender, whatsapp sender pro, whatsapp blaster, Whatsapp Bulk Sender 2018, lead enabler lite, lead enabler, q sender etc. many softwares are available with crack version also. companies are selling them with keygen.

If you are searching for best whatsapp marketing software or top 10 whatsapp marketing tool/software. so i have told all the name above.

Using bulk whatsapp sender you can promote your business by sending unlimited whatsapp message to your existing clients or customer even you can send message to new users to make them understand your business. you can send them your banner usign whatsapp sender pro. whatsapp marketing tool are very easy to use they just need your message and list of contact and whatsapp bulk sender will send the particular message to all the contact in that list.

Use of Whatsapp Marketing Software

Whatsapp marketing software also can be used for sending notification to your existing customers. you can use it as transactional sms like order confirmation message, payment confirmation message, share marketing trading notification etc. whatsapp sender pro is first software which were created for the marketing of whatsapp message now days this software is available with crack version and with keygen.

Only one-time payment and you can have the whatsapp marketing for lifetime with unlimited message including image, text, audio, video and document. so why go for bulk sms just buy whatsapp marketing software and use it and make your business boost. no need to pay per message cost, no need to renew validity, no need to count message character. use the most and best software for whatsapp marketing with cheap pricing (low cost).

India’s First whatsapp marketing Software Which can Send Every Massage Unique/personalized And Also World’s Fastest Software which can send 25k-30k message per day. Send Unlimited Whatsapp Messages (text, image, video, audio, document) to your existing and valuable customers from whatsapp marketing software.

Very professional and effective marketing platform to communicate with your valuable customers or create a loyalty program. Your own WhatsApp message including images or videos and unlimited char. Do you know a video or picture is worth than thousand words or a long message? So enrich your bulk WhatsApp message by attaching a photo, video or vcard.

Create and upload databases of potential clients:
Create a list of all your existing and new clients with mobile numbers and name. using this list, you can send WhatsApp bulk message to all of the contact of list by just 2-3 steps. No complicated process. Load the file type the message include media and send. How simple is that. WhatsApp marketing software just ask for number of list, message and confirmation. That all.

Send text messages, pictures and viral videos:
Enjoy our bulk WhatsApp marketing software and WhatsApp marketing service with unlimited characters per msg. which is more than enough to communicate effectively with your client/customer. And you can also attach images video and document to the WhatsApp message so it will make your bulk WhatsApp marketing message more powerful. If you want to send a viral YouTube video url inside a Vcard to generate thousands of view on your video. And lots of money via YouTube.

100% delivery guaranteed:
Our bulk WhatsApp sender guarantee the delivery of your WhatsApp message thru our software to your contact list. You can check all sent message in your software and even in your own WhatsApp account in your phone itself. So overall the best WhatsApp marketing software is here for you to promote your business via WhatsApp marketing. Bulk WhatsApp sender AKA “WhatsApp bulk sender” is very powerful software to grow your business.

Note: This Site is not a part of WhatsApp, WhatsApp is the exclusive property/trademark of WhatsApp Inc & All These Information for Educational purpose only, we do not support nor responsible any other use of this info. whatspp marketing software should not be used for SPAM purpose and if you do that; Then, we are not liable for it. Its only you and your actions

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World's Best Whatsapp Marketing Software

One video or image is worth than thousand words. Enrich your bulk whatsapp messages by attaching an image or video. bulk whatsapp sender is best whatsapp marketing software in world, Whatsapp marketing through unlimited character text, Picture with caption and video also with caption. We provide Expert Solution to Our customers

So You Can send 8L+ massage in 1 month.

Features of Our Software:
1. Very Easy To Use
2. Create And Upload contact list of your valuable customers
3. Send Text, Image, Video with caption using whatsapp marketing software
4. 100% Delivery with proof (you can see all message in your own whatsapp account)
5. External whatsapp filter also available so you can buy filter.
6. Get Instant Report in software and in your phone also
7. No Credit limit, Send Unlimited message to Unlimited Users or Clients
8. Best and Lowest Rate In world
9. Customized, Transparency, And Control
10. It’s Easy From Bulk Sms
11. Also, customer reply rate in Whatsapp marketing is more than bulk SMS

Buy best whatsapp marketing software and increase your business sell and get more customer day by day. Now you must want to know how the software works so let me tell you about the process of whatsapp marketing. Bulk whatsapp sender is very easy to use. First of all, you need to create a text file. That text file will contain contact numbers. You must add country code before number like if you are adding a number which in from India then number will be like 919928000000, 917219900000. Make sure do not add + sign. Software will add the + sign automatically you just need to add only country code. If you want to send personalized message, then you can also save number with name so you can send every message unique with customer name inside the message. In text file each line will have one number and after the number add comma (,) and then name of the customer. You can check the image belove for example.
When the file is complete. Now open the bulk whatsapp sender and you will see the option for upload contact so click that button and upload the file you created. After uploading contact select the type of message text, image/video, document. If you are sending text message, then just type the text message and use [2] in message text for insert customer name (you can see image for more details).
Then click start sending and it will ask you for scan QR code. So open whatsapp app in phone and in right corner you will see “web whatsapp” click that and scan the QR code. And software will start sending message. That’s all. Message will be sent and you can check message in your whatsapp as well. And software will also show you the report.

Q-sender Whatsapp Marketing Software:
Today, the growth of the WhatsApp app in mobile phone or smart phones in world is about 90%. WhatsApp has more than 900 million active users all over the world. The bulk sms marketing with limited char 160, has been forgotten by all. So we created a best WhatsApp marketing software we call it Q-sender, qsender, q sender. Whatever you call. we selling the latest version of q-sender this month. This is best alternative of bulk sms q-sender can send message with super-fast speed about 4000-5000 in just 1 hour. WhatsApp marketing was born in uk in 2013. First bulk WhatsApp marketing software. Searching for a solution to increase your sales? Our WhatsApp marketing solution can help you with this and you can get hell lots of customers by using bulk WhatsApp software. Enjoy bulk WhatsApp campaigns and get more sales and more lots of money.

Whatsapp Marketing

what is WhatsApp marketing? WhatsApp marketing is similar to bulk sms marketing. WhatsApp marketing can be used for any kind of organization, store, company, office, group. You can use WhatsApp marketing to send unlimited WhatsApp message in bulk. WhatsApp marketing is very simple and very useful. WhatsApp marketing is most used marketing for get new customer and be connected with your old customers. Using WhatsApp marketing you can send alert to your existing customers. You can send them new offers and schemes. WhatsApp marketing is free you don’t have to pay for per message. You can send unlimited message using WhatsApp marketing. You can use it in school and colleges for sending notification to parents about student. We can send marks and attendance and any kind of notice using WhatsApp marketing.